Mariama is assumed to be around the age of 15 (nobody really knows).

Her mother was said to have arranged a marriage for her and she got to see her husband for the first time during the wedding ceremony.

Shortly afterwards, she got pregnant. When it was about time for delivery, she got into a prolonged labor but without help. After 3 days of pain, she gave birth to a dead child and found herself leaking because of injuries to her body.

Her husband left her when he realized the condition she was in. She also didnĀ“t hear from her mother thereafter and was left alone to battle for herself. She moved to her grandmother  at some point.

It was while with her grandmother that she learned about Shelter Gambia and how she can be helped. Unfortunately so far, she has had two surgeries performed on her already but still needs another one (hopefully the final) in May.




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