About Shelter Gambia

Women who had VVF surgery are usually very quickly discharged from the hospital, and in the absence of aftertreatment, they are thrown back into the cycle of undernourishment, continued illiteracy and another pregnancy, without having fully recovered from their surgeries, and as a result, they most often contract the same injuries again.

Studies of this topic carried out by the World Health Organisation WHO in The Gambia confirm what attending physicians say: The biggest problem of guaranteeing success after a surgery lies in the aftertreatment!

With SHELTER GAMBIA and in cooperation with the Gambian government a facility is established in which the VVF women can stay for about two months after being discharged from the hospitals – if needed with their children. During this time they have the chance of recuperating. They will be nourished well, receive instruction and education about the problems of childbirth-induced injuries and how to avoid them, as well as receive basic health education.

The cooperation with a centre nearby enables the women to pick up new skills, so as to be able to earn a living and be financially independent, should their husbands not want to take them back. All of this is free of charge.

The house for SHELTER GAMBIA in Bakoteh is being provided by the government for free. The financing of caring for the women and their children, lies in the hands of sponsors.

Orla Klippe is a nurse and got in contact with affected women in West Africa through a Christian medical assignment. Their destiny has touched her deeply. She didn't want to stand and watch inactively while young girls and women do not get any help and have to lead undignified lives due to the lack of finances and worldly system.


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