Story of Jarra

Jarra is over 32 years of age (nobody knows the exact age). When she was 17 years old she became pregnant for the first time. She was in labour for days and in the end gave birth to a dead child. She got injured internally during the birth and became incontinent because of this. Her husband then divorced her because of her condition.

Over the years she underwent three unsuccessful surgeries. Some men were interested in marrying her but changed their mind when she told them her problem.

Through a participant from one of our workshops she came in contact with Shelter Gambia and with our help had another surgery. This time it was successful and after being released from the hospital she came to stay with Shelter Gambia for 2 ½ months. Her body needed time to recover because it was a difficult surgery. But she was also able to take up sewing lessons during this time and we were even able to give her a sewing machine to take home.

Now Jarra is looking ahead to a new life. She feels like “a real woman” again and would like to get married. Also, with her sewing skill she can now make her own living. (See pictures)