Story of Jainaba

Jainaba is – like Mariama – 15-16 years of age.  She was in labour in August 2010, after several days she delivered a dead child. Through giving birth she became incontinent. She then was also abandoned by her husband.  But she had a relative who works in a hospital in Banjul and was able to get help there. That’s when Shelter Gambia started looking after her. Jainaba was depressed and cried every day while she was in hospital. But after coming to Shelter Gambia and taking up sewing lessons that were offered to her, she realized that this new skill would enable her to have a better future. So she became very eager to learn sewing. Her tears were replaced by joy!

Before she left Shelter Gambia, she was able to sew a beautiful dress all by herself. She was given a new sewing machine by Shelter so that she can continue to earn a living with it. Before she went back home she made us promise that we will come and visit her in her village one day. (View Pictures)